is the child
of freedom

is the child
of freedom


The school situated in the heart of the splendid town of Grottaferrata, in a particular building from the beginning of the century, is equipped with large bright classrooms, the most modern technological supports, wi-fi networks, traditional and latest technology laboratories, equipped gardens and contracted sports facilities, and eventually, a great bar full of good things!

Closed number classes allow our students to achieve the best possible results. An innovative teaching inspired by the Montessori method, makes the lessons more captivating and fun. Internships at the most important local professional sensure that our students are offered job opportunities via the school.

Always Different !

Why Choose Us

The only one of its kind

Compared with traditional high schools (classical, scientific, educational psychology, etc.), the Artistic High School is the only one able to offer a high school culture together with the possibility of practical and manualapplication.

Closed number classes

Classes have a controllednumber of pupils and families are constantlyupdated on delays, absences and academic performance.

Like a college

The school timetableforeseesSaturdays free to facilitate rest and ensurethat the students, having lunch and working togetherevery day, feelimmersed in a reality thatisalmost like a university campus.

Never alone

Students willnever be alone. Our school is Montessori-inspired and also the lessons are notonly face-to-face butalso interactive.


Itis the percentage of world cultural and artistic wealth that Italy holds. Our country is known all over the world for it scrafts manship, artistic heritage and great architects. All this has always been a source of work for those who engage in these studies.


Itis the percentage of students who have graduated from our school and currently work in the world of art.

On-site state exams

Open School

Have a trial day wheneveryouwould like!

14 Classrooms

5 Artistic Laboratories

1 Library

1 Music Room

1 Computer Laboratory

1 Conference room

1 Indoor Bar

2 Gardens

#Artisticisbetter is the Brand thatour Institute hascreated to accompanystudents after graduation, therebyinsertingtheminto the work enviroment by offeringtheirown products. The brand has a line of design, clothing and publishing, allcreated by pupils and ex studentsof the Institute.



06 9410330 – 339 1748170

(Bus stop in front of the school)

Office hours

From monday to friday  09,00 – 18,00

(lunch break  13,00 – 14-00)

Saturday  09,30 – 12,30

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