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The first two years of the Secondary School is common to let the students develop their best artistic path. Both technical and scientific subjects will be analyzed such as geometric drawing, painting and sculpture. In the art workshop, children will be able to compete with the practical application of the union of the various disciplines.

In the third year the students will have to choose their favorite artistic path so as to be able to deepen the disciplines most suited to their artistic identity. By choosing the MUSICAL CURVATURE, in addition to artistic subjects, you will also find subjects related to the world of music. We will study the main instrument, a secondary instrument, history of music, analysis and solfeggio. The musical study is excellent for those who want to complete the “all-round” artistic preparation, since it is well known that the various disciplines interpenetrate and merge in a synaesthetic vision of art.

The school also organizes events with its pupils to bring the music of its students outside the school, also inserting them into the social context. The project of the “THE ARTISTIC HIGH SCHOOLK BAND”, the spearhead of culture, is the expression of the desire to grow socially and musically, by participating in calls and competitions. During the three-year course in FIGURATIVE ARTS, PLASTIC PAINTING, young artists will be able to learn all the traditional techniques of painting and sculpture up to the point of competing with the most modern ones with the use of technological tools, such as the PC, the graphic tablet. , the 3D printer !! We will start with the study of the great classics up to the creation of creative works originating entirely from the pupils’ imagination.

We are very keen to create a personal artistic identity in each of our students, stimulating the various artistic facets of each one.

This path opens up many opportunities after the five-year high school program, the study plan includes all the classical theoretical subjects of a high school (Italian, mathematics, history, philosophy, physics, art history, chemistry for art etc.) and this allows to face any university path (not only the natural continuation with the Academy of Fine Arts or the Conservatory), moreover the young artist can become a craftsman specializing in various sectors including gardening and dental prostheses! Would you have ever imagined it? He is also a restorer, a guide inside a museum, a member of an orchestra or a band, but also competing with new works thanks to the mental openness that only art can give.

The SECONDARY Art School is the only one that allows you to combine high school theoretical preparation with practical preparation, thus allowing you to directly enter the world of work. Furthermore, our Institute, precisely to accompany students after graduation, has created a Brand, #artisticisbetter, so as to insert them into the world of work by offering their own products. The brand has a line of design, clothing and publishing, all created by pupils and alumni of the Institute.

If you want to find out more about the project, visit the website Our school is Montessori-inspired so we do not only have lectures but also use slides, posters, study through images, videos and insights with overturned class and external experiences for the theoretical subjects.

Our mission is to make our kids learn the best possible culture by making them feel good.


Studying must be a pleasure and it must also entertain and you, what are you waiting for to start having fun?

Musical curvature

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