The School Fee?

A course for life!

We are constantlystriving to offerour. students and their families qualityassistance and services. Whatdoes the school feeoffer ?

A world of beautiful things.

Quality education thanks to a team of youngteacherswho are alwaysupdated on new teachingmethods

Controlled number of classes, to optimize the classroom lesson

Home study assistance systems via internet, eg. the use of Google Classroom

A mobile number that you can contact 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any info or assistance

Psychological listening desk available to students and their families

Study assistance with specialized teachers on learning techniques for students with learning disabilities and with the use of specific software

Coworking space available to families

Time bank for ethical assistance to localissues

Commercial establishments affiliated with the Institute to offer excellent services to students and their families at very interesting prices.

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