In our High School there is the Counselling Service available for parents, pupils and school teachers. As per law no. 162 of 26 June 1990 this service is placed within the school’s educational offer, aims to provide a first-hand listening and advice for inconveniences, difficulties or problems related to the psychological, educational, cognitive and socio-affective relational spheres. The interviews can be requested at the Didactic Secretariat and held at the school premises, on Thursday morning in the first two hours. Other possible times could be evaluated.… Read More

Education Recovery

The Cultural Association “Artistic is Better”, affiliated with the “Artistic High school San Giuseppe” organizes remedial courses for each field of study.
What does it mean?
Easy! If you’ve missed one or more years of school, don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. With us, thanks to a particular study method, a personal tutor and a peaceful environment where you can study, you can make up for lost time!… Read More

Eligibility exams

Are you a private student or a preparatory institution?
Do you want to recover someschool years and are you looking for a highly professional school to help with the exams?
You have come to the right place!… Read More

Homework assistance

The Artistic High School San Giuseppe in collaboration with the association, ARTISTICisBETTER makes afternoon tutoring available to its students and external students.
Thanks to teachers specialized in teaching techniques for SEN and SLD children, after school hours, students will be able to stay at school and study with us!
Computers with software dedicated to study, the creation of concept maps and summaries are available to these of the students.… Read More

University UniPegaso and UniMercatorum

The Artistic High School San Giuseppe, in order to ensure didactic continuity with a broad educational offer, has procured an agreement with the UniPegaso and UniMercatorum universities.
University enrollments are open to everyone and by relying on our ECP you can have complete assistance throughout the enrollment phase and the course of study. … Read More