Chinese and Japanese Language Courses

Oriental languages have always fascinated many of us, two particular cultures that meet and clash.
If you’d like to speak Chinese or Japanese, now is the right time to start! The course starts from a zero up to fluent speaking, reading and writing level of the language, but if you already have some knowledge you can refine your skills. The course is open to all age groups and includes a study not only of grammar but also of the culture of the chosen country!… Read More

Comics and Illustration

Our professional course in comics and illustration is open to those who want to learn the techniques of comic drawing from scratch and for those who want to specialize by refining the techniques. The course is open to all age groups and has a specific program for each student. With our course you can learn drawing, illustration and various inking techniques. You will analyze the composition and the storyboard until you get to create your own register. Particular attention will be paid to lettering, semiotic perception and language through images. At the end of the courseyou will also have the certificate of participation to be included in the curriculum.… Read More

Graphics, Social Media Design and Marketing

In the course “graphic design and social media design & marketing”, you can acquire the basic skills of three important current study fields in a single theoretical and practical course. In this course, you will follow a specific program which links graphic design, social media and marketing. … Read More

Musicale Courses

Our Institute, in full “Factory” style, combines the study of graphic art with that of music, two arts that constantly experience blending with each other. Our courses are open to all ages and include the study of an instrument starting from scratch, but if you already know how to play you can refine the techniques with our teachers!
You will study the technique of the instrument but also solfeggio and analysis and if you like, you can also delve into the songwriting part.
In our Institute you can study:… Read More

Professional Course in Drama and Videomaker

Technical exercises of shooting in the 9/16 vertical video format. The study of the vertical framing and the composition of the scene in relation to the subjects present. The course involves using a smartphone and / or a digital camera and an editing program. The teaching is by Salvatore Marino.… Read More