Comics course

What it entails

Our professional course in comics and illustration is open to those who want to learn the techniques of comic drawing from scratch and for those who want to specialize by refining the techniques. The course is open to all age groups and has a specific program for each student. With our course you can learn drawing, illustration and various inking techniques. You will analyze the composition and the storyboard until you get to create your own register. Particular attention will be paid to lettering, semiotic perception and language through images. At the end of the courseyou will also have the certificate of participation to be included in the curriculum.

Would you like to take our course but live far away? Don’t worry, you can also follow online!

The teacher

Our face-to-face course and on-line lessons are by the sparkling emerging artist Jessica Capuano aka “ARCIBALDACE”!


Wednesday afternoon from 16.00 to 18.00 or for online lessons by appointment.


At the LiceoArtistico San Giuseppe and online.

What is required

Bring some papers, a complete pencil case and lots of imagination with you!

Express all your talentand
become a cartoonist!

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